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VoxxLife combines the best of modern technology with decades of research in neuromuscular science to help you achieve your wellness goals, drug-free and without invasive treatments.

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VOXX products have been designed with the end user in mind. Every VOXX STASIS Sock and VOXSOL Insole are embedded with VOXX HPT technology. In addition to providing benefits that make these the best socks and insoles in the world we have made sure to use the best materials in producing the best quality and feel for all of our products. We want the experience of first using a VOXX product to make you know that you’re using a quality product.

eSmartr Sleev

The eSmartr Sleev is the first non-invasive enhancement to supercharging your mind’s natural ability.

The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology™ (CBT) pattern embedded inside every Sleev activates receptors in the skin that trigger a neural response in the brain – resulting in scientifically proven amplified cognitive abilities. Discover enhanced concentration and memory, heightened decision making, increased stamina, accelerated reaction times, and an improved sense of clarity and calm.