Business to Business


Offices and Workplaces

Every workplace is different, from tiny law firms to large warehouses but employees and guests are usually the same when it comes to water... they need it. 

Our Ultra Water Bar  systems fit into any size location and the machines can be customized for any unique beverage consumption needs. (Hook it up to your coffee machine).


Retail Businesses

Do you want water with that trim? You may not think of ultra water while you are sitting in a chair at a beauty salon or barber shop getting your hair done but it is exactly the right kind of high traffic location our units are designed for.

Ultra Water systems can take all North American coin combinations, provides change and can be fitted with an optional bill acceptor or credit card acceptor. It also takes tokens which could be provided to staff while customers and clients would pay using cash or credit.


We love our Ultra Water Alkaline Water System. We purchased our first system in 2012 and now have a machine in all three store locations. Over five years later, we are still selling Ultra Water to our customers.

The Ultra Water vending machine has increased our foot traffic, sales and is our #1 SKU. Our Customers drive from far away to visit our location just because of this water.

David Garner
Garner’s Natural Life