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UltraHealth is a portal for your overall wellbeing. Our mission is to provide you with direct access to drug-free, safe and affordable life changing products. Each on has been independently tested, scientifically validated and is benefiting millions of people globally. 

The foundation of good health is found in healthy water & the right bio-organic minerals. If you are not hydrated, it’s like running on 1 bar of wifi (or dialup internet) - it still works but very poorly! Same with the battery on your phone, ever notice when you get below 5% how the phone seems to just not work as well. It is allocating power to essential needs only. UltraHealth is a portal giving you access not only to the cleanest, healthiest water on the planet, but we are also offering you the some of the world’s best bio available Fulvic & Humic Acid with powerful mineralizing and regenerative properties. 

Let us rebuild the Bricks & Mortar of  your body!

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Hydrogen Infused UltraWater

UltraWater Bar

  There are over 1,200 peer review studies  showing the benefits of drinking hydrogen rich water. Whether you are looking for pure clean water, alkaline, hydrogen, mineral or oxygen rich water, we have them all.  From your home to your gym and office work places our line ups of small and large  Hydrogen Water Bar Stations we will change your health one molecule at a time. Hydrating You  Anywhere - Anyplace - Anytime. 


Mineral infused NuWTR


Our Fulvic is from a very rich source of peat extracted from organic matter that originated thousands of years ago from a Bog located in Casselman Ontario.  Health Canada Approved (NPN 80063624) our products offers  a major source of key electrolytes and anti-oxidants helping to  slow down aging and control inflammation. These minerals  play an important role in hydration, blood activity, and muscle function.


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We know that simplicity and convenience matter. But we also feel that professionalism, integrity, and relationships matter too. So while we make it very easy for you to order any of our companies life changing products right online, we strongly encourage you to reach out to any of our team, build friendship, and hopefully even a relationship. If you want to join us in any or all of what you see here - we welcome you and embrace you as you journey along with us. 

UltraWaterBar Video (6 min)

Not all water is created equal. In fact, clean water is not the same as healthy water. Some of the cleanest water out there, is actually detrimental to your health. Although good for a quick detox, Distilled water and RO water should not be consumed daily over long periods of time. Water needs minerals, and if the source of those minerals is you body, then you a literally pissing away your health. What makes our Water … Ultra Water unique is that we infuse it with Molecular Hydrogen.

NuWTR Video (7 min)

Black Oxygen Organic's CEO Marc Saint-Onge and Rogers TV Host Dylan Black  discuss amazing Health Canada approved NuWTR from Black Oxygen Organics. It contains the very highest electrolytes in the world, along with  with Humic/Fulvic Acid which has 70+ trace minerals that deliver nutrients at the cellular level. The product comes from a bog in Casselman, Ontario and is making head-waves all over the world. A proud Canadian Moment!